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Bahco Pruning Saws

All Bahco pruning saws are manufactured in the world's largest handsaw factory, in Bollinas, Sweden where they have been manufacutred for more than 130 years.
Bahco saws are regarded very highly by any trade and business that uses saws. They use high quality steel blades that give an exceptional good cut for a long time

They inlcude a wide range of pruning saws to suit every horticulurist's need. They are very cost effective. All Bahco saws come with a strong reusable guard to protect the saw blade and prevent accidents.

The saw blade

All the Bahco pruning saws cut in three phases with a certain part of the saw tooth doing each phase. This means that the cut is more precise with less risk of burs a better cut and finally helping to make sure the wood chips from the saw are removed from the cut, helping to prevent any sticking.

Most of the saws are hard point and stay sharp for a up to four times longer than non hard point.

How to cut a branch

When cutting a branch off the tree it is important to make the cut as clean as possible to prevent possibility of disease entering with minimum damage to the bark.

The picture shows the three stages.
1. On small branches cut the branch from the bottom about one quarter.
Medium branches cut from the bottom by one third.

2. Cut from the top of the branch but a few inches away from the trunk.

3. Finish with a clean, final cut near the trunk.

For very large branches, cut back the branches in stages to help reduce the weight of each part of the branch.

Bahco Curved Pruning Saws

There are a range of curved pruing saws which are all pull saws. I personally find these the easiest to use when pruning trees and very large shrubs.

These are the saws of choice in the tree fruit industry because they require less effort than many other saws.

When cutting a branch the curve naturally goes into the branch and as one pulls this means that it works with gravity meaning that there is less effort required by the user.
4212-14-6T - Hand Held Saw

4212-14-6T - Hand Held Saw

Price: 24.00

Curved, ground aggressive blade that can be filed.
This saw has a comfortable and strong beech-wood handle. It is ideal for areas where poles are not required.
Replacement blades avialble by special order

Saw Blade Length: 360 mm (14 inch)
Weight: 280 gm (10 oz)
RRP: £30.48 now only £24.00

339-6T - Combination Saw

339-6T - Combination Saw

Price: 22.50

Lightweight but sturdy combination pruning saw with plastic handle. Ideal for hand use and also with a 25mm (1 inch) diameter extension pole. The Bahco extension pole do fit.
Tip: If you only need a small extension up to 2m then a wooden pole of the correct diameter can be used. A screw is supplied so that it can be attached to a wooden pole.
Hard point teeth saw giving a long lasting sharp blade.
Replacement blades available
I find this saw the most useful saw to fit all needs at a really good price. Although the blade cannot be filed, I find that even with a lot of use it lasts for years.

Saw blade Length: 360 mm (14 inch)
Weight: 250 gm (9 oz)
RRP: £26.87 now only £22.50

386-6T -Pole Pruning Saw

386-6T -Pole Pruning Saw

Price: 34.00

Pole pruning saw with steel tube handle to be used with the Bahco 25 mm extension poles.
Blade tip extended into a hook to prevent blade slipping out of the cut.
Long lasting hard point teeth.
Does not include the pole.

Saw blade Length: 360 mm (14 inch)
Weight: 355gm (13 oz)
RRP: £40.32 now only £34.00

JS Range of Bahco Saws

Professional pruning sword saw. Comfortable handle allowing for high usage without fatigue Good for working at low levels and in dense areas. Some provided with a belt holster.

Hard point for extra life. Replacment blades available in 2 lengths either 240mm or 280mm .


Price: 40.00

Longer blade than 5124-JS. Hard point, replacement blade available on request.
Comes with a belt holster, ideal for the professional

Saw blade Length: 280 mm (11 inch)
Weight: 300 gm (10.5 oz)
RRP: £50.41 now only £40.00



Price: 30.00

Shorter blade than 5128-JSE-H for ease of use in shrubs etc. Hard point, replacement blade available on request

Saw blade Length: 240 mm (9.5 inch)
Weight: 210 gm (7.5 oz)
Special £30.00

One only left as not with a holster

Bow Saws

Bahco Bow saws have excellet saws and can come either with a peg blade for mature or dry wood or rake tooth for live and green wood. The cut takes place on both the push and pull stroke


Price: 19.00

Small and handy bow saw for all round use.
The pointed nose makes the saw ideal for usein tight spaces, such as pruning and roofig work

Saw blade Length: 530 mm (21 inch)
Weight: 615 gm (21.7 oz)
RRP: £21.21 now only £19.00