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SB Invigorator

Environmentally Friendly Growth Stimulant and Pesticide for use on all edible and ornamental plants

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Controls a wide range of pests including:
Whitefly; Aphid (greenfly & blackfly); Red Spider Mite; Sacle insect; Mealy bug;

Other benefits:
Helps to control mildew; Plant simulant foliar feed for strong healthy growth;
Biodegradable & non-toxic; No harvest interval required;
Physical mode of action & therefore pests will not become resisitant

What does it contain & How does it work?
Contains foliar lattice, linear sulphanate, 0.074% w/w Iron Chelate (Fe), 1.914% w/w Nitrogen (N) & other natural products.

SB Invigorator works by coming into contact with the pest and smothering it and and with its sticky action immobilises or suffocates the pest. It requires repeat application of every 7 days until control is gained.

Professional growers use it as part of their integrated pest management programme where they use it prior to introducing biollogical predators.

Where to Use?
It can be used on aa wide range of ornamental and edible plants. There is no harvest interval. For full range of plants please see the label

SB Plant Invigorator Concentrate

SB Plant Invigorator Concentrate

SB Plant Invigorator controls important pests and diseases such as whitely, blackfly, greenfly, spider mite, mealy bug and powdery mildew. It also acts as a plant growth stimulant, improves leaf colour and is suitable for use on all edible and ornamental crops. There is no harvest period, it is biodegradeable and it works by physical means so it is not a pesticide. The concentrate is available in 2 sizes:
250ml to make 25 litres of diluted spray.
500ml to make 50 litres of diluted spray.
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SB Plant Invigorator Ready for Use (RFU)

SB Plant Invigorator Ready for Use (RFU)

This is a ready to use dilute formulation of SB Invigorator. Ideal for the patio and window gardens where it is not practical to mix your own. Handy to have for those individual plants that need your loving care