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Plants need food much of which they get from soil or by adding further feeds. Your plants can be enhanced further by using NutriMate which makes better use of feed and helps stimulate top and root growth as well as increasing flowering. Just look at the cabbages and see how strong and healthy they are

NutriMate is an organic growh stimulant, providing better growth, increased flowering, delicious fruits and tasty vegetables.

NutriMate is used by a range of professionals, from ornamental plant growers to potato & brassica farmers.

Once you've tried NutriMate, you'll never go back!

What is NutriMate?

What is NutriMate?

NutriMate is an organic growth stimulant which contains high levels of humic and fluvic acids, improving the interaction between nutrients and plants.

Humic acid stabilises nutrients in soil or compost to help reduce leaching and reduce the amount of fertiliser needed. This process is incredibly important for the environment, so that fewer nutrients get into the watercourses.

Fulvic acid allows for better uptake and use of nutrients in the soil. This ultimately helps towards increased growth, abundant flowering and increased yields especially vegetables
Where to use NutriMate?

Where to use NutriMate?

NutriMate is suitable for all plants and can be used both in your garden and allotment.

NutriMate is also great for establishing new lawns. Just sprinkle over the prepared ground before sowing or laying the turf.

Use NutriMate in pots and hanging baskets for better uptake of nutrients and for reducing leaching in waste water.

How to use NutriMate?

Sowing seeds in rows, such as vegetables, dust the base of the row before sowing - 100g per linear metre

Established tubs and baskets - 25g per plant

Seed and cutting compost - 120g per 40 litre bag

New lawns applied to prepared bed before sowing or laying turf 50g m2

Bedding plants - 100g per m2 prior to planting

Planting out of vegetables apply at 150g per m2

Shrubs, roses, fruit bushes 50g per plant

Ornamental & fruit trees 100-250g per tree depending on size



NutriMate is an organic growth stimulant unlike anything you will have used before.

It contains very high levels of humic and fulvic acids.These are naturally occurring elements that improve the way nutrients and your plants work.
The humic acid quickly locks available nutrients into the soil or compost reducing leaching. The fulvic acid allows for better uptake and use of nutrients in the plants.

It can be added to any bed or border, growing bag, pot, tub or basket and even lawns.It gives impressive improvements to growth, flowering and cropping.