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Waspinator Natural Wasp Deterrent (Pack of 2)

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Make your home a wasp free zone

Wasps are scared away by Waspinator as they think it is an enemy nest. Wasps will stay well away from wherever you put it. Highly effective and simple to use, just hang it up - that's it

      • No Chemicals
      • No Maintenance
      • No Mess
      • No Dead Wasps

Where can Waspinator be Used?  Anywhere including:

      • In the loft and around the eaves of the house or shed
      • Anywhere you eat or drink outside
      • Under your table umbrella
      • Under a tree, especially fruit trees where the fruit is ripening
      • Anywhere where children play
      • Ideal for taking on picnics
      • Ideal for taking it when camping or caravanning