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The Gutter Rowplanter Propagator - 64 cm long row

The Gutter Rowplanter contains  2 gutter rows (each 32cm long x 8cm wide x 6.5cm depth) which fit in a tray which 36cm long x 21cm wide x 6cm deep plus a propagating lid.
  • Ideal to give plants a head start before planting out in rows.
  • Transplant rows of plants without any root disturbance
  • Very good for vegetable plantings including peas, rocket, salad onions. 
  • Especially good for early sowings to give a head start.
  • Why not try wildflower seeds and get them growing prior to planting out. Wildflower seeds are vulnerable to roots being disturbed 
  • Over half a metre's worth of planting
  • Allows rows of plants to be transplanted with no root disturbance
  • Can be used over and over again