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Maxi Rootrainer Propagator with 36 plug cells with a depth of 19.5 cm

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Maxi Rootrainer Propagator includes a growing tray (43cm x 26cm) and contains 9 books of 4 cells (36 cells). Cell size is 4.5cm x 4cm x 19.5cm deep). This product does not come with a lid.

Each cell holds 350 ml of compost.

  • Good for growing trees and other plants such as roses, where a deep non-restricted tap root is required.
  • Ideal for propagating show vegetable root crops such as carrots where it is important that there is a straight root
  • Creates a large enough plant and roots of trees and shrubs to allow planting into its final situation. 
  • The Maxi Rootrainer has been used by the Forestry Commission in certain areas allowing for dense planting at low cost.