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Compact Rootrainer Propagator with 20 plugs with a depth of 8 cm


The Compact Rootrainer Propagator comprises of a growing tray (24 x 22 x 9cm deep) which will take 5 books of 4 plug cells, which have a depth of 8cm plus a propagating lid.

Each cell holds 115ml of compost. Each book has its own slot which gives plants more room to grow. As with all Rootrainers, there is a gap between the bottom of the cell and base of the growing tray to ensure air pruning takes place.

The Compact Rootrainer Propagator easily fits onto the window ledge.

  • Ideal if space is of a premium 
  • Only require a few plants of each species/variety
  • Can be used to propagate most species from seed or cuttings

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