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Iriso Drippers and Watering Kits

Watering products for your plants and your garden. Iriso drip irrigation is a unique patented drip feed irrigation system, winner of 9 awards for best invention!

How do Iriso Drippers work

  • Each dripper has 11 adjustable flow rates, ranging from 150ml to 1.5 litres per day
  • Once set up it can last many weeks, making it ideal busy people or holidays
  • Designed to operate with any kind of water container from 0.5 litres to 500 litres
  • Requires no electricity, and has minimal waste making it environmentally friendly

Iriso drippers for individual pots and containers

There are a number of variations suitable for indivual pots depending on size of container.

  • Single dripper is available that can be used with most plastic bottles up to 2 litres. If you require a larger reservoir then there is a product designed with a connector for a 5 litre bottle.
  • If your pot or container has a diameter of 45 cm (18") or more then we recommend you use three drippers per container to give more even watering. This can be achieved by having one connector for a water vessel and 3 drippers.
  • Rain Diverter Kit

    Rain Diverter Kit


    Allows you to collect water that falls on your house roof, shed or greenhouse automatically from your rain down pipe.Fits standard 68mm rpound or 6...

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  • Water Butt Linking Kit

    Water Butt Linking Kit


    Kit to link between two plastic water butts. Contains: 1 x 500mm connector hose; 2 x 20mm connectors; 2 x washers; 2 x nuts

  • Water Butt Tap (Replacement)
    Sold out

    Water Butt Tap (Replacement)


    Replacement water tap that fits most plastic water butt with 25mm hole for tap. Compatible with Snap on hose connections, therefore can run hose of...

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