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Sherwood Rootrainer Propagator with 32 cells (8 or 12 cm depth plugs)


Sherwood Rootrainer Propagator comprises of a growing tray (36 x 21 x 9cm deep) and contains 8 books of 4 plugs (32 plugs) plus a propagating lid.

The Sherwood Rootrainer Propagator is suitable for nearly all plants and is available in two depth of plugs, 8cm and 12 cm

12 cm plug (each plug holds 175ml of compost) is ideal for the following plants:

  • Shrub, herbaceous and perennial cuttings
  • Seeds of plants requiring deep roots such as peas, runner beans, french beans, broad beans and sweet peas
  • The larger plug means that many plants can be planted straight into the ground without potting on.

8 cm plug (each plug holds 115ml of compost)

  • Ideal for bedding plants grown from seed or cuttings
  • Ideal where you wish to pot on into a larger pot once the roots have established

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