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Rootex Root Control Barrier

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When ordering, please enter the quantity as per metre length.

Rootex Root Control Barrier consists of two materials bonded together and then copper hydroxide applied to one side of the bonded material. This creates a product that makes it extremely good at helping to prevent roots of established plants penetrating into areas where roots are not wanted such as pathways, drives and borders and used to keep many plant roots under control:

  • Hedges
  • Trees 
  • Bamboo
  • Shrubs
  • Raspberries

Usually, Rootex Root Control Barrier is laid vertically (upright) and are used to prevent the movement of roots sideways. Unlike other barriers, Rootex is porous, allowing the passing of both water and nutrients. Also, the roots are not deflected to grow downwards, as with many other barriers, as the root tip stops growing and more fibrous roots develop nearer the trunk of the plant.

The depth/width of the Rootex Barrier is 45cm (18 inches) and it is sold by the linear metre.

In most cases, feeder roots that need to be controlled are up to 45 cm (18 inches), but if you're not sure of the depth required, we'd recommend digging a test pit. It's also worth noting that many trees have tap roots which go down vertically and therefore it may not be necessary to control these roots as these are the roots that help stabilise the tree. 

The product has also been used by laying horizontally under surfaces such as driveways or paving where roots may be coming up from underneath. Wider rolls can also be wrapped around drains to prevent roots penetrating them.

When installing Rootex Root Control Barrier the dark side must face towards the roots to be controlled. See the How to Use Guide for Rootex Root Control Barriers for full installation instructions.

When ordering, please enter the quantity as per metre length.

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