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Rootex Root Control

Helps prevent plant roots from spreading into unwanted areas. Ideal for restricting roots.

  • Rootex products are ideal for use around the garden or in landscaping situations 
  • Used by professional growers and landscapers
  • Rootex products are unique as they contain copper on one side of the fabric to help control root tips
  • Rootex stops root tips from spreading as well as creating a fibrous root system allowing for better absorption of nutrients and water as can be seen in the picture
  • Rootex bag is ideal for new plants, such as trees, shrubs, bulbs and plants that require lifting for the winter.
  • Rootex products are permeable enabling plants to absorb water and nutrients from surrounding areas.
  • Rootex bags can be used to line pots or planted straight into the ground
  • Rootex bags allows plants to be lifted from the ground easily without disturbing the roots
Rootex products have been recommended in National Newspapers, radio and television.