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Slug & Snail Shocka! Medium Roll 0.9m width (3ft)


Slugs & snails HATE it! Safe to children, pets and wildlife

  • Unique copper treated fabric that creates a barrier between the plant and the slug
  • Ideal to help protect susceptible garden plants
  • Stops weeds growing where laid
  • Re-usable - lasts for years.
  • Slugs and snails do not like going over the copper treated fabric. 
  • Slugs & snails are not killed by the fabric and therefore birds, hedgehogs and other predators can happily eat them.
  • Can be used in the greenhouse as flooring preventing an invasion of slugs and snails and also giving weed control

Size: 0.9m (3ft) wide and purchased by metre length (in quantity enter number of metres required)

Ideal for large areas as is the 1.8m width but easier to handle in 0.9m (3ft) width.

Not only stops slugs and snails but also creates a barrier stopping weeds from growing.

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