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SB Plant Invigorator Ready for Use (RFU)


This is the Ready To Use Formulation of SB Invigorator. Ideal for the patio and window gardens where it is not practical to mix your own. Handy to have for those individual plants that need your loving care.

Environmentally friendly growth stimulant which controls a wide range of important pests including:

      • Whitefly
      • Aphid (greenfly & blackfly)
      • Red Spider Mite
      • Mealy Bug

Other benefits include:

      • Can control mildew
      • Non-toxic
      • No Harvest Interval
      • Physical mode of action including creating a stickiness which means adult whitefly and aphids are unable to move.
      • Can be used at any time of the year
For full information on what SB Invigorator does look at the following page