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Horticulture and gardening is always evolving and the aim of GardenSelect is to give new and experienced gardeners information.  The contributors to the content have an average of 30 plus years of experience in growing in the UK.

We are always learning new things about gardening which makes it so rewarding. There is an opportunity for you to ask questions or even leave your own tips. If we don’t know an answer to your question we usually know someone that does.

Our online shop sells unique products not often found at garden centres. As a small, independent business we stock a specialist range of products designed for your garden.

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Our range of horticultural products and other associated items.

root control with Rootex

Bags and barriers to help keep plant roots where you want them.

growing plants

Information on growing plants in the garden, greenhouses and allotments.

garden friends & foe

Learn about friends and foes. Encourage the good and get rid of the bad.

seasonal gardening tips

Snippets of topical information related to the time of year.

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